About the GMCA

The German Managed Care Association (GMCA) – the „Bundesverband Managed Care e.V. (BMC)“ – was founded in 1997. The Association is a pluralistic, non-governmental organisation for innovative system development in the health care sector. Our aim is to drive innovation in health care by the following five pillars of our work:

  • Think Tank: fostering the development of concepts and ideas on health care reform through our working groups
  • Political Advocacy: sparking the public debate on innovative, quality-assured and patient-centered concepts through a variety of conferences and events
  • Networking and Cooperation: serving as a networking platform for our ca. 250 members, representing the entire spectrum of stakeholders in the German health care sector, such as hospitals, pharmacies, the pharmaceutical industry, the medical technology industry, consultancies, health insurances, IT-providers, banks, and other institutions. The variety of our member base is also represented by our board structure.
  • Knowledge Management: collecting and disseminating knowledge on innovative concepts in health care – both from Germany and abroad
  • Public Relations: informing the expert community and general public about our work

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